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Kaysie Garza

Copywriter & Content Strategist

Now that I'm a full-time team member over at InVisionApp, I take on fewer freelance contracts—but get in touch if you need help with something especially interesting!

Here's the rundown: I'm a writer, ready to help weave words and ideas into gold. And that starts with a good story (something lots of people leave behind in childhood).

I think it's safe to say that I am not one of those people—because for me, stories are a staple of adulthood, and they're capable of blending business, strategy, and emotion with creative execution.

Sometimes this means editing and organizing an unclear vision, and other times it means churning out copy to back up a tale that's already been told. Either way, these stories require a mix of writing, editing, creativity, and strategic skills to make sure each word goes the distance.

As a result, I've become a writer who focuses on readability and grammar as much as audience and content marketing techniques. I know that beyond the story, there's a reader—a potential customer, partner, or fan—who's looking connect for a particular reason. And I write to help them get there.

Content Marketing


Content Strategy



Content Strategist, Copywriter

Team with clients around the world to deliver content across websites and apps (landing pages and microcopy), blog posts, personal branding documents, and digital and print marketing materials. Long-term clients include:

The Muse

Web Copywriter

The Muse is your ultimate career destination, offering exciting job opportunities, expert advice, and a peek behind the scenes into fantastic companies and career paths. I author content for those companies using independent research and employee interviews to capture the unique office vibes and cultures of each. Notable profiles include Dropbox, BAE Systems, Intercom, Amazon, Dogfish Head, SendGrid, and Arrow Electronics.

HelloFlo (SheKnows)

Editorial Contributor

HelloFlo is an online community that publishes articles on women's health and interest topics. I wrote approximately 8 articles a month, which account for 2 of the 5 most-shared pieces across the entire site. I also helped break major research through a quick-hit news piece, which garnered over 32k shares and continues to be the highest-engaging piece of content on the site today.

Ivy Exec, Vandelay Design, OfficeNinjas

Contributing Writer

Ivy Exec provides career resources to help executives advance their careers. As a writer, I collaborated with the Senior Content Manager to brainstorm topics relevant to the community and other executive-level professionals. I wrote 4 articles a month on productivity, professional development, resume best practices, and other job-related topics, incorporating keyword research along the way for SEO optimization.

Vandelay Design is a blog for web design and development professionals. Topics focused on design techniques, design best practices, and design inspiration. I contributed articles on a monthly basis.

Admins lack recognition and access to quality information on office management and career development. So OfficeNinjas stepped in to connect them with tech resources, educational content, networking events, and trusted vendors to keep “Ninjas” ahead of the game. I supported content marketing efforts and wrote copy for events and paid contracts.

Flatiron School

Marketing Copywriter

To help spread the word about new products, classes, partnerships, and programming news, The Flatiron School asked me to collaborate with the Director of Marketing Communications to plan content and ghostwrite pieces for the program and its audience of developers. I also wrote collateral for the Kode with Klossy campaign.

University of Florida

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Dual Major in English and Linguistics with a minor in Mass Communications

University of Washington

Professional Certificate

Content Strategy & Storytelling

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